Bugs and Feature Requests – The Rigging Toolbox 2

Please comment directly to this post with bugs or feature requests for The Rigging Toolbox 2.

Bugs:  Bugs happen! If you run into a bug or if things aren’t working as you expect, please comment below and include the following information:

  1. Bug or Feature Request
  2. Operating System
  3. Version of Maya
  4. Description of the problem
  5. What you were doing when the problem occurred
  6. Any relevant output from the Maya Script Editor window

Please read the help page before submitting bugs  🙂

Feature Requests: Be specific and provide information about what the feature is and why you think the feature you are requesting is useful. Simple requests with enough momentum will likely be included in the next release (providing they’re possible!). Larger requests that take more time can be implemented in the next minor release.

Please be aware that all feature requests should meet the mission of the product, a large part of which is WYSIWYG simplicity.

If you’re stuck and require more immediate support email me at:  josh@cgartistry.com

Thanks for your feedback!