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Nova Exporter – In Development

Nova Exporter is a deep exporter/importer for Autodesk Maya with focus on common 3d formats. Primarily developed for the batch exporting of FBX and OBJ objects, Nova Exporter is designed with common workflows in mind. This includes Maya to Zbrush and FBX for game engines. (All images are of development version) FBX Export features include: […]

The Rigging Toolbox v1.30 released

v1.30 of The Rigging Toolbox is out. Lots of code cleanup and UI improvements but the big new feature is IK/FK switching and blending for legs.  This was by far the number one requested new feature with multiple users suggesting it “should be” easy to implement give the current switching and blending feature for the […]

Released: Duplicate Super Special

Just released from CGARTISTRY is Duplicate Super Special,  a powerful array construction utility based on the concept of simple duplication. But… there’s not much simple about it! Duplicate Super Special allows you to build ordered arrangements (arrays) of objects between two points at any angle in space and construct radial arrangements of objects quickly and intuitively […]

In Development: The Keyframing Toolbox

Keyframing in Maya can be a pain… I used 3ds Max professionally for about 9 years and Softimage (pre-XSI) before that. I’ve been using and teaching Maya for the last 7 years but have never gotten used to the way one sets keyframes in Maya. I realize that people appreciate the complexity and multitude of […]


New site is up! Since 2006, has hosted scripts, plugins and tools and functioned as my primary portfolio site. Many of the scripts have also been hosted at other locations primarily because of their ability to handle commerce and track downloads. Time for a change… several of my more popular scripts have been downloaded […]