Help with Nova Exporter

Help:  Nova Exporter

Focusing primarily on the OBJ and FBX file formats, Nova Exporter is a 3d model exporter and importer providing unique and rapid export and batch export operations for game and visual art-production.

FBX Export


The FBX export operation makes use of the highlighted FBX Export Preset file in the FBX Export Preset Files list. To add files to the FBX Export Preset Files List, create one or more FBX Export Preset Files (.fbxexportpreset extension), put them in the NovaExporterPresets folder in your default maya/projects directory, and re-launch Nova Exporter. The NovaExporterPresets  folder is created the first time Nova Exporter is launched.

To Create a custom FBX preset :

1. In Maya, open the options box from either File -> Export All… or File -> Export Selection…
2. Under General Options, change the file type to FBX export
3. Under File Type Specific Options press Edit Preset…
4. In the Edit export preset window change the Current Preset to User defined
5. Change settings as desired
6. Press Save preset at the bottom of the Edit export preset window
7. By default the preset file saves to your User\Documents\maya\FBX\Presets\MayaVersionNumber\export. To use this in Nova Exporter, move this file to your maya/projects/NovaExporterPresets folder.

To export FBX files using Nova Exporter, select a single mesh or  multiple meshes from your Maya scene and add them to the Export List by pressing the “Add” button below the Export List. You can add, remove or clear the list at any time.

Start the export operation by pressing the EXPORT FBX button. All meshes are processed in order.


Export As: Individual Object

Each mesh object is exported as a single object regardless of parent child relationships. If the mesh is part of a hierarchy, it is disconnected, then reconnected after export resulting in a clean, single mesh with no parents or children.

Export As: Hierarchy

Each mesh is exported along with it’s children. The exported FBX file will consist of the mesh and all of it’s children.

Position Pivot for Export

The pivot point for each mesh is re-positioned before the mesh is exported. Position options are:

LFB – Left Front Bottom
CFB – Center Front Bottom
CB – Center Bottom
C – Center

Restore After Export – Restores pivot point to it’s pre-export position upon export completion.

Zero Object for Export

Each mesh is positioned around the world origin (based on bounding box) before the mesh is exported.  Position and restore options are the same as pivot point options above.

Scale Factor

A scale multiplier allowing for the scaling up or down of objects as they are exported. Objects are restored to their original scale upon export completion. Tip: Useful for working in centimeters and exporting to an engine using meters (Unity)

Rotate Y

Rotates the mesh a specified number of degrees on the world Y-axis as they are exported. Objects are restored to their original orientation upon export completion.


Text fields added to the exported FBX file name.

OBJ Export


OBJ Export workflow is the same as FBX with the exception that no preset file is required.


Export Into Separate Files

Each mesh in the Export List is exported into a separate OBJ file. Each OBJ file will retain the name of the mesh in Maya.

Export Into Single File

All meshes in the Export List are exported into a single OBJ file. A location and name for the OBJ file is selected when the EXPORT OBJ button is pressed.

Standard Maya OBJ Export Options


Point Groups




Export Per Frame

Exports an OBJ file per frame based on time slider range.


Text fields added to the exported OBJ file name.

OBJ Import

OBJ Import allows the importing of multiple OBJ models in a single operation.


Clean Namespaces on Import

By default, meshes imported to Maya usually contain a segmented name consisting of their origin as well as the mesh name. The Clean Namespaces on Import option rebuilds the name of each imported OBJ mesh to be consistent with standard Maya node names — as if the mesh originated in Maya.


Text fields added to the imported OBJ mesh name.