In Development: The Keyframing Toolbox

Keyframing in Maya can be a pain…

I used 3ds Max professionally for about 9 years and Softimage (pre-XSI) before that. I’ve been using and teaching Maya for the last 7 years but have never gotten used to the way one sets keyframes in Maya. I realize that people appreciate the complexity and multitude of keyframing options in Maya. The consistent pressing of  “s”, complex Character Sets and toggling Auto Keyframe on/off… while they work, I don’t really enjoy the process and have developed a new script to handle the Maya keyframing process in an intuitive and user friendly way.

The concept is simple:  select objects to be keyed, select which attributes are keyable for each object and create groups of objects. A simple UI controls it all and keys are set with a single button press. Groups can be edited and created on the fly. One can also create a set of shelf buttons from groups or the dynamic UI that can be laid out in a bipedal position with buttons for the head, hands, torso, etc.  It’s all wrapped up with a proprietary file format to save and load sessions (including button UI positions).

The Keyframing Toolbox should be available sometime in September.