Nova Exporter – In Development

Nova Exporter is a deep exporter/importer for Autodesk Maya with focus on common 3d formats.

Primarily developed for the batch exporting of FBX and OBJ objects, Nova Exporter is designed with common workflows in mind. This includes Maya to Zbrush and FBX for game engines.

(All images are of development version)


FBX Export features include:

  • A list based batch exporter
  • The ability to quickly select from multiple Fbx Export Preset files. For example, you can export to Unity or UDK engine with different settings in seconds.
  • Handle objects for export as individual objects or hierarchies, allowing for objects in hierarchies to be exported as individual objects.
  • Position objects automatically on export, re-position after export (good for UDK).
  • Position object pivot points on export, re-position after export (good for Unity and engines that use object pivots).
  • Rename, add prefix and/or suffix on export.


OBJ export options include:

  • List based batch exporter to export multiple objects from a single file.
  • Export objects from a single Maya file into multiple, separate OBJ files or into a single OBJ file.
  • Quick access to common OBJ export options.
  • Add prefix/suffix on export, even to multiple objects.


OBJ import features include:

  • Import multiple OBJ files into a single Maya file.
  • Clean imported object names. No more Object: myObject1 names (unless you need them).
  • Add prefix/suffix to each OBJ object on import. Good for importing multiple versions of OBJ objects and not worrying about namespaces.

Other possible features include, Maya .ma and .mb support, preferences file/options file to save, share or restore common options, per-frame exporter for the OBJ format. As usual I’m looking for other ideas. What would your ideal exporter/importer features include?